I have created this blog to provide a detailed account of the life which I have led. I begin by summarizing events which transpired during my childhood years and then focus on the three years when I lived and worked in the Irkutsk region of Siberia.

I began my business venture eight months before the collapse of the Soviet Union. The newly-formed Russian Federation was soon gripped by political and economic chaos which threatened my plans for the future. During the next two years, I made friends and enemies among the regional elite and overcame conspiracies which were designed to destroy my company. I eventually found myself homeless in the city of Bratsk during a harsh winter, struggling to export a shipping container of semi-precious stones while the Russian economy crumbled under the weight of hyperinflation. With resolution of my dilemma only days away, the Bratsk militia issued a warrant for my arrest on false criminal charges. Faced with the prospect of my own demise, I hastily arranged an escape from Russia with only hours remaining on my visa, abandoning my plans and the stranded assets of my company to the Russian security services.

Upon my return to Dallas, I devised a strategy to recover my assets and refute the false charges which were brought against me in Russia. My first step was to manipulate Irkutsk regional officials to publicly denounce me as a criminal in order to obtain proof of my claims. I proceeded to fax letters to the governor of the Irkutsk region and mayor of Bratsk in which I threatened to expose corruption in their administrations unless an acceptable resolution to our dispute was found. These letters resulted in the publication of newspaper articles in which I was denounced by FSK (KGB) generals who reported that I was a foreign spy whose “arrest” had been the greatest accomplishment of the Irkutsk FSK branch office, even though I had escaped.

A barrage of newspaper articles and official correspondence regarding my dispute was exchanged between America and Russia over the next two years. I would eventually be denounced in the national Russian press and media for espionage and commercial crimes as a direct result of my refusal to concede defeat in this dispute.

I have posted a detailed chronology of my experiences in Siberia onto this blog along with copies of correspondence and newspaper articles which were published in both Russia and America. My story received widespread media coverage in Russia during the 1990’s, though is relatively unknown beyond Russia’s borders.

The material which you are about to read is included in my book, The Dyslexic’s Guide To Academic Achievement, to illustrate proper methods to formulate effective success strategies and manipulate bureaucracy. This material also forms the basis for a novel which I have written regarding my experiences in Siberia, copies of which may be downloaded free of charge from a separate blog next summer.

— James E. Woods